The Appeal of the Virtual Family Office

Are You Ready to Shake Things Up?

Are you a professional with a CEO mindset who’s looking for more? Are you willing to invest in your business in order to bring more value to your clients and set yourself up for success despite the rocky future that lies ahead for the financial, accounting, or legal industry?

If you are focused on maximizing client value and want to disrupt antiquated ways of thinking, we should talk.

I’m passionate about bringing together like-minded professionals to build a better model for the future of the financial, accounting, and legal sector, and produce more value for businesses and clients alike.

One way to do this is through something called the Virtual Family Office, a first-of-its-kind model based on collaboration between financial and tax professionals, resulting in proactive and holistic planning for clients and communities. I’m excited to share that I’m officially launching an email series to explore and discuss this model, called The Appeal of the Virtual Family Office.

Meet Jack Branch, the Facilitator of The Appeal of the Virtual Family Office

Jack Branch has been a financial advisor in Louisiana since 2001 helping clients clearly layout their objectives, identifying the risks that inhibit those goals from becoming a reality, and putting together a custom plan for each client.

Jack has been recognized nationally and locally as a top advisor to professionals, CPA's, business owners, and entrepreneurs seeking a holistic plan not just a boiler plate one size fits all plan.

The question that I think he asks that is very critical is “if what you thought to be true about your money turned out it wasn’t true when would you want to know?”

Created by:

Jack Branch

Creating Your Own Elite Ecosystem...

The Virtual Family Office model is client-centric, and works by building up a team of professionals who can provide SO much value that the client will never want to leave. When you opt-in to my email series, The Appeal of the Virtual Family Office, you’ll learn exactly how you can start building up a team of trustworthy professionals that portray you as an unbeatable one-stop-shop.

Discussion will also include an exploration of where the financial industry is headed in the years to come, steps for building and maintaining professional relationships, and a full breakdown of the unique value that a Virtual Family Office can offer.

Ultimately you have two options, go at it alone, or build a team around you. Either you invest your limited resources on figuring out “how” or spending your time discovering “who” can help.

What will you choose?

I Can’t Wait to Share More With You!